Body Rail Free Standing Total Gym Unit

Body Rail Free Standing Total Gym Unit
Item# BR-425I

Body Rail Exercise Machines

BodyRail™ takes body weight resistance exercise to new heights.

The BODYRAIL offers over 40 full body exercises providing resistance of up to 89% of your own body weight at 50 degrees of angle. The quick change-out exercise bar and toss-back cable allow you to switch between exercises quickly to maximize aerobic benefit.

This gym is no longer available

The BodyRail is a full body exerciser designed with multiple adjustments to give any user great results… Fully supports your body in correct positions so you can get better results while keeping your back and body safe during exercise.

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The BodyRail is the ultimate body weight and gravity resistance workout.  It offers more full body exercises than any other product of its kind on the market. The versatility and multiple adjustments will give you countless variations from low resistance range-of-motion routines to exercises that will challenge even the most serious weight lifters.

The BodyRail uses your natural body weight to provide a safe, effective & quick way to exercise the whole body. It fully supports your body and protects your back during each movement since weight is never lifted over your head and does not compress the body.

Body Weight resistance with 17 levels.
89% of Your
Body Weight at 550 of Angle
Flat for Storage
Adjustable Height Cables with Direct Tension
Position Exercise Bar

Platform Reverses

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  • Incorporating over 40 fundamental exercises (and countless variations on them), BodyRail™ fitness equipment offers full body workouts covering every major muscle group.

  • With flexibility engineered into our products, we offer everything from low resistance range-of-motion routines to exercises challenging even the most serious of weight lifters.

  • For those tight on space, the wall mounted Body Rail folds up against the wall in seconds. It can easily be mounted behind a door, in the basement or even in the garage. T

  • 50 degrees of angle produces resistance of up to 89% of your body weight. No need to buy, lift or store add-on weights to achieve this level.

  • Adjustable height cables puts resistance on the same plane as the muscle group being worked for a more concentrated workout through proper form.

  • The quick change-out bar reduces time between exercises maximizing aerobic benefit.

  • Toss-back cables need not be disconnected when not in use once again reducing time between exercises.

  • The middle sleeve allows the user to emulate free weight barbell workouts.

Adjust the cables to target your resistance
Place the patented
Direct Resistance Cables exactly where you want for each exercise.  With 17 cable positions - along with a narrow and wide cable bar - the BodyRail offers Biomechanically correct and ergonomic exercise.  This is the ultimate in versatility and adjustability.

Patented Direct Resistance Cables
Place the patented
Direct Resistance Cables exactly where you want for each exercise. 

Why is it important to have Direct Resistance Cables?
By not using pulleys, direct tension cables offer maximum resistance at each level.

17 Levels of Resistance
The BodyRail offers up to a 560 angle and 89% of your natural bodyweight.

This wide range of resistance levels lets people of all ability levels achieve benefits with the BodyRail.  From absolute beginner movements using only 5% of your bodyweight, up to the most advanced weight lifters using 89% of your bodyweight, plus the ability to add up to 50lbs of additional weight, the BodyRail will help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Pull-up is one of the best exercises that you can do.  It is one exercise that incorporates multiple muscles during each movement.  But, not many people can do a Pull-up, let alone doing multiple repetitions.

The BodyRail places the user in an ideal Pull-up position, by lying on the seat your body is always supported.

Place the glider rail at a low angle - and pull up to a full contracted position.  With 17 levels of adjustment, you can watch your progress and see your results.

Why is it important to have multiple levels of resistance?
From partial weight bearing positions up through 89% of the users body weight, allow users of all ability levels to get real benefits.  Most products are limited on the resistance levels.  They are made just for beginners, or made for advanced users.  The BodyRail was designed to let users of any ability level use the the resistance level that is best for them.

Why do we not use Pulleys?
e don’t use pulleys with our cable exercises. This makes certain that you get the most natural resistance out of every exercise. First, Pulleys take away for the true amount of weight that you are lifting.  This is great for making things easier to move.  But, when you are doing resistance training it is better to have a true and natural weight to lift.  Second, the pulleys on other products are fixed to the seat or frame.  That means every exercise you do, is exercised from the same angle...there are no adjustments.

Think about doing any exercises - how can you get a great workout using the same angle of resistance? You can't!  Here's why:

(1) Everybody's height is different.  A taller person should adjust the position of the resistance so it is applied correctly. 

(2) You can get greater results by changing the angle of resistance.  If you do a row exercise on the BodyRail, you are not limited to one motion. You can adjust the cable height to be high, then in the middle, then in a lower position.

(3) Different exercises require different angles of resistance.  If you do a chest press, you are pushing out at a different angle than doing a row.  If you do a Bicep curl, you are using a different angle than a Tricep. Etc.

Patented Foot Platform
The combination platform provides the user a single apparatus to not only perform squats and calf raises but also raise the foot end of the rail to gain clearance for leg and swimming exercises.

Need clearance under the rail for leg or swimming exercises? Just take the foot platform and insert it underneath the foot of the rail.

Or, with the platform in the lower position, you have a bench to sit on.  This can make it easier for some people to get into position for exercising.

Why is it important to have a reversible platform?
The BodyRail was designed to give the ultimate versatility for any exercise.  We didn't just want to use a foot platform for doing one exercise, like squats.  So we made the platform reversible to provide more exercises in the lower position.  In the lower position the angle of the glider board is changed, giving yet another adjustment and variation for your exercises.

Pull-out Bar
Want to do a bar exercise? Just slide the bar through one of the rail sleeves. Not only is the bar easy to move in and out, it is free floating so it rotates as you go through your exercise motion, just like working out with free weights.

You will notice that there are 4 sleeves; two at the head of the rail, one in the center and one at the foot.

The sleeve at the top allows pull-up type exercises along with stretching and hanging exercises such as leg lift.

The second sleeve from the head is the same as the first, but for people not quite as tall.

The sleeve in the middle allows exercises such as upright rows, dips, tricep extensions, curls, etc... to be done with a bar in addition to cables. This allows the user a choice to perform these routines like they would with a weight bar at their local gym.

The sleeve at the foot of the rail allows the user to perform inverted shoulder presses and tricep presses. An Inverted position allows the user to perform upper body exercises with reduced stress and strain on their back.

Why is it important to have a bar that rotates?
This free form fit allows quick changes between exercises along with the ability for the bar to roll, just like with free weights, which is important for exercises like curls. A fixed position bar used during a curl movement would put added pressure on your wrist, because your wrist needs to rotate during the movement. When the bar rotates, like with the BodyRail, then your wrist can stay in a fixed position with minimal pressure on your joint.

There is no exercise equipment out there that is safer for resistance exercise than BodyRail. Because you are using body weight for resistance, you never lift any weight over your head, thus reducing stress and strain on your back and joints.

Ease of Use

  • Switch exercises easily.  No need to make multiple adjustments to go from one exercise to the other.  The cables can always stay attached to the upright riser.  The change-out bar

  • collapses in seconds and rolls away

  • Want to mount it to the wall? Every BodyRail is wall mountable. And when a wall mounted BodyRail is stored, it takes up only 6” by 14” of floor space. That’s 7 inches deep by 14 inches wide on your wall!


  • 2x4.5" Laminated Beam

  • 2x2" Aluminum Angle

  • Foldable Frame Construction or Wall Mount

  • Glide Board: 9"x48". Rail Length: 84"

  • Cables: 2000 lb. Vinyl Coated Steel

  • Handles: Padded Tubular Steel

  • Includes: Video, Exercise Manual & Wall Chart

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

  • One Year Warranty!

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This gym is no longer available

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