Body Solid Linear Smith Rack Package w/Gunrack

Body Solid Linear Smith Rack Package w/Gunrack
Item# WBF48LP5S

Body Solid Linear Smith Rack Package
Modular Power Center

The Modular Power Center is everything you want and need for a lifetime of serious strength training. You will never outgrow this system! Even better, this system will grow with you as your body and workouts progress.

Just look at this gym. Its hunger for intense workouts is apparent from every angle. The Modular Power Center is built to take the most brutal strength training regimens without breaking a sweat. The heavy-duty 12-gauge steel 2" x 2" mainframe features all-4-side welded construction with 7-gauge gussets and stabilizer plates for rigid stability. Your workouts can go as heavy as you can handle and as long as you want.


Lifetime Warranty!

No matter how you customize your Modular Power Center, you'll never need a spotter. The 14- position Gunrack allows you to "walk" the barbell up or down the rack and features fully adjustable, extra-long 16" Safeties constructed of 2" x 3" 11-gauge steel for maximum user safety. Both the Linear Bushing and Linear Bearing Smith Attachments feature 28 Lock-out points are spaced 2-1/2" for comfortable start / stop positions and instant lock-outs with a simple 15° turn of the wrist. Build the ultimate gym system, custom designed to your specifications. You can have it all. A great body and healthier lifestyle are waiting for you in every outstanding feature of the Modular Power Center.

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1/2 Cage with Gunrack Safeties
14-position heavy-gauge steel Gunrack offers full-length vertical lift-off opints with no adjustments necessary. The user has the ability to walk the barbell up or down the rack without removing the weight plates from the bar. Extra-long 16" safeties are fully adjustable and are constructed from 11-gauge steel for user safety.

Here's What You Get:
  • Linear Bearing Smith
  • 14-position Gun Rack with Spotters
  • Flat / Incline / Decline Bench
  • 210 lb. Selectorized Weight Stack
  • Pec Dec Attachment
  • Preacher Curl Attachment
  • 4-Roller Leg Developer Attachment
  • Olympic Gym Weight Tree
  • Gym Organizer
Linear Bearing Smith
Linear shafts are case hardened solid steel with a surface hardness greater than HRC60 for the highest load capacity and the lowest coefficient of friction. Linear motion bearings ensure a precise, smooth linear motion system that endures high vibrational loads and shock loads without play. 28 Lock-out points are space 2-1/2" apart for convenient start and stop positions. ¥ Heavy-duty adjustable safeties for user safety.

14-position Gun Rack
Offers full-length vertical lift-off points with no adjustments necessary. Features fully adjustable extra-long 16" Safeties constructed from 11-gauge steel.

Linear Bearing Smith Attachment
Precision ground bearings ensure a precise, smooth linear motion system that handles high vibrational loads and shocks without play. Includes heavy-duty adjustable safeties.

Flat / Incline / Decline Bench
This versatile bench features 15-position back and seat pads adjust from decline to a 90 degree shoulder press position. DuraFirmª upholstery supports you through intense lifting. Includes T-Bar leg hold down.

210 lb. Selectorized Weight Stack
Precision machined weight stack offers fast and easy pin selection. Top plate features two weight plate posts for adding additional weight.

Pec Dec Attachment
Allows unilateral and bilateral movement with even resistance on both pec arms. Thick DuraFirmª back pad provides user comfort.

Preacher Curl Attachment
Set to the optimum angle to isolate the biceps and forearms for accelerated development.

4-Roller Leg Developer Attachment
Work your quads, glutes and hams safely strengthening your knees. Features over-sized 8" rollers for total comfort through the most intense leg workouts.

Olympic Gym Weight Tree
Quickly and easily attaches to the Modular Power Center Base Frame. Fits Olympic weight plates only.

Gym Organizer
Installs in just minutes. Keep your workout area organized and safe. Holds two attachments.

  • Weights Sold Separately..
  • Warranty: In-Home Lifetime Warranty on Everything. Forever. Period.

Lifetime Warranty!

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