E-Flex Forearm Bar - Standard

E-Flex Forearm Bar - Standard







E-Flex Forearm Bar - Standard

The Ultimate Forearms And Wrist Strength Training Products

For use with Standard plates (1" hole)
Comes complete with Quick change weight support attachment, high density grips, instructions, weight retaining collar, weight plates not included.

The forearms make up almost 1/2 of your arms. Without strong forearms overall arm symmetry and strength will be severely lacking.

E-Flex Forearm Bar - Standard

The E-Flex Forearm Bar is a True Free-Weight Training Apparatus specifically designed to strengthen the wrist flexors and build powerful forearms. This Bar allows you to stand and directly flex the weight for optimal range of motion resulting in substantially increased muscle concentration and Forearm / Wrist strength development.

Comes complete with Quick change weight support attachment, high density grips, instructions and weight retaining collar.

Well built forearms used to come from years of training and always took longer to develop because the forearms have always been trained indirectly whether with barbells, grip emphasis devices or wrist rollers. The weight or tension that is being applied in these manners lies on the same plane as the gripping hands and is in such close proximity to the forearms that the inertia used to move the weight is not directly opposed to the forearms. This in turn does not allow full activation of all the muscles groups that make up the forearms and wrist flexors.

The E-Flex Forearm Bar incorporates a patented forearm and wrist strength training attachment that places the weight on a plane opposed to the gripping hands allowing a straight line of pull. This applies tension directly to the forearms and wrist flexors making it 60-70% more efficient than barbells, wrist rollers or grip emphasis devices.

Weights Sold Separately

Reverse Wrist Curl Targets
Forearm Flexors and
Brachioradialis For
Powerful Vascular

Wrist Curl Builds
Super Strong
Wrist Flexors

The Extensor Wrist Curl
Targets Extensor Muscles
That Are Responsible For
 Elbow & Wrist Rotation.

The E Flex Is a
Great Biceps Isolation Bar
Peak and Shape the Biceps

Take Your Forearm / Wrist Strength Routine To A New Level

Better results with less volume this equates to exercise efficiency.
If you want to develop serious forearms and/or forearm wrist strength this is the product !

For overall forearm and wrist strength development you must isolate and target the four major muscle groups that make up the forearm

Forearm Flexors - (wrist and grip strength)
Wrist Flexors - (wrist and grip strength)
Extensor Muscles - (elbow and wrist rotation)
Brachioradialis - (acts to flex the forearm at the elbow)


The E-Flex Forearm Bar targets all of these muscle groups.

Barbells target the wrist flexors, forearm flexors and limited engagement of the brachioradialis.

Wrist Rollers target the Forearm Flexors and partially target the Brachioradialis.

Grip Emphasis Devices target the Forearm Flexors with partial engagement of the Wrist Flexors.

If you are currently using the barbell method, rolling up a weighted rope, using a tension controlled device or dumbbells to develop your forearms your working with 50-60% efficiency.

  • Bodybuilding –Build massive forearms & strengthen the wrist flexors.
  • Baseball- Improve bat speed, distance & control
  • Pitching- add more snap to your breaking stuff & velocity to your fastball.
  • Hockey- Better stick control & shot velocity.
  • Golf-More distance & better club control.
  • Tennis- Increased  velocity, power & spin.
  • For use with Standard plates (1" hole)
  • Comes complete with Quick change weight support attachment, high density grips, instructions and weight retaining collar.
  • Weight plates not included
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