Heavy Handle Dumbbell - 2" Knurled Handle w/Collar

Heavy Handle Dumbbell - 2" Knurled Handle w/Collar
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Heavy Handle Dumbbell - 2" Knurled Handle w/Collar


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Heavy Handle Dumbbell Handle
2" Knurled Handle w/Collar

***Includes ONE star collar per
      handle, not two as shown.

The Heavy Handle™ allows you to train your chest, shoulders, back and entire arms like never before by changing the angle of resistance for each specific target exercise on either of the two threaded weight


Although two collars are shown in the picture here, ONLY ONE COLLAR is included with the purchase of each handle and that is because the handle is designed to be used with weight on either Shaft A, or Shaft B

Which Heavy Handle is right for you?

1" Ergo Heavy Handle - The 1" Ergo handle has a curve design and has proven to be a favorite among athletes as it is "ergonomically" designed to fit perfectly in your hand which makes it very comfortable.

2" Knurled Heavy Handle -The 2" Knurled handle has a straight design and was designed for use for athletes with larger hands and also for the extreme athletes that enjoy training with oversize bars and dumbbells to enhance their grip strength.

Use with 1" weight plates or cable attachment

Available with either 1" Ergo or 2" knurled handles, the innovative Patent-Pending  Heavy Handle™ Dumbbell was designed specifically for the athlete that wants to take their training to the next level..........and beyond.

The Heavy Handles™ are available in either 1" ergo handles or 2" knurled handles(2" handle shown here) and for reference purposes, we will call the weight shaft with the cable attachment ring at the end 'Shaft A' and the weight shaft in-line with the handle "Shaft B".

The Heavy Handle™ dumbbells innovative patent-pending design allows you to use it either with standard 1" plates (not included) or a cable attachment can be used to connect the Heavy Handle to a universal-type of pulley machine for rows, curls and any type of cable pulls.

To add a weight, just put the weight on the shaft and spin the star collar tight. No worries about weights falling on your toes!

To use a cable/pulley machine for resistance for one-arm rows, simply attach a cable attachment to the ring at the end of the 90 degree weight shaft.

This picture shows Ray doing one-arm-rows with weight plates on Shaft A and he has a cable attached to the ring at the end of Shaft A for standing rows.



In the picture above-left, Ray was doing the one-arm-row with the weight on shaft A, but in the picture to the left, Ray put the weight on Shaft B, with the weights facing behind him, to target his lower lat muscles.


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This Set Includes:

  • One 2" Knurled Heavy Handle Dumbbell
  • One threaded star collar

    Note: You are purchasing One Heavy Handle w/ 2" Knurled Handle.

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