K2 Home Gym Strength Training System

K2 Home Gym Strength Training System
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Body Craft K2 Home Gym
Strength Training System

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For those who realize the best investment is made in your health.

Two Weight Stacks allow for multiple users. Precision milled, steel alloy weight plates with factory installed EZ Glide nylon bushings, travel quietly over chrome plated guide rods. Both weight stacks provide 200 pounds of plates in 10 pound increments. Perforated steel enclosures provide safety, noise dampening and a beautiful appearance.

This gym Combines strength & technology to deliver ultimate results for every user. So easy to use that a novice can experience immediate success.

Lifetime Warranty!

It is a multiple-user, two-weight-stack gym.  The  format allows for placement in a corner, or against a wall.  The horizontal bench allows for decline, flat, incline, and shoulder presses.  The bench removes for squats.  The bench station utilizes pillow block bearings and direct-to-the-stack cabling for the smoothest action possible.  The  Adjustable Cable Arms allow for every dumbbell exercise, lifestyle training, rehab training, and sports specific training. 

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  • One Weight Stack for the "Dumbbell Station" with Adjustable Cable Arms, Lat Pull Down, and Leg Curl/Extention
  • One Weight Stack for the Flat/Incline/Decline

Innovative Cable Station

Innovative Cable Station with adjustable arms, allows for a very wide array of exercises including Sports Specific, Core Training, and exercises that mimic Dumbbell Training.

Unique to the BodyCraft K2 Home Gym, the adjustable cable arms provide a whole new range of exercises.


  • A great alternative to a set of dumbbells and bench!
  • USER DEFINED MOTION. The BodyCraft K2 Cable Arms utilize pulleys and cables for unrestricted, completely natural, and biomechanically correct movements. You define the path, providing for a greater, more natural range of motion, which incorporates the use of stabilizer and core muscle groups - an advantage not found on typical home gyms. The K2 is an effective way to build strength and balance for every day activities, or for recreational sports!
  • Rotate the Cable Arms to the lowest position for exercises such as ARM CURLS, LATERAL RAISES, FRONT RAISES, and SHRUGS.
  • Rotate them upward for exercises such as PEC FLY’S, BENCH PRESS, INCLINE PRESS, and DECLINE PRESS.
  • Adjust the Cable Arms to the top position for SHOULDER PRESS.
  • These versatile Cable Arms also provide for SPORTS SPECIFIC training. Movements mimicking your golf swing, tennis, hockey, baseball, etc. can be performed.
  • In addition, a wide range of specific rehabilitation exercises can be performed. Truly a versatile station!
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Ab Crunch Station for abdominal training. The Ab Crunch / French Curl station for strengthening and shaping Abdominal Muscles. Can also be used for triceps extensions (French Curls).

Low Pulley Station with folding foot plate. Provides a variety of exercises not limited to: Low Rows, Upright Rows, Arm Curls, Hip Adduction, Hip Abduction and Glute Kicks.

High Pulley Station for Lat pull Downs, and Triceps Push Downs.

Leg Extension and Curl Station provides Seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl. Leg extension for targeted leg development. Provides Seated Leg Extensions and standing leg Extensions.

Weight Stack Enclosures for safety and beauty.

Permanently Mounted Charts - Easy reference exercise charts are permanently mounted to steel plates on all four sides. Pictures and descriptions of 40 different exercises show proper positioning and form and the muscled worked.

Seats and Seat Backs are fully adjustable. Seat backs adjust forward and tilt to fit any size user and for proper support over a wide range of exercises. Adjustments are color coded and labeled with specific setting to minimize transition time and confusion.

Heavy Gauge Vinyl is double stitched on all seams for durability. The BodyCraft logo is embroidered into the vinyl. We use only the highest density foam underneath and contour it for Lumbar support and maximum comfort.

Optional Leg Press Station for full leg development. 2:1 weight ratio provides up to 400 pounds of resistance. Leg Press / Calf Raise station has a adjustable contoured back to accommodate all sizes. The fixed foot plate pivots on industrial sealed pillow block bearings for long lasting, smooth operation. Selected weight ratio is 2:1 for up to 400 pounds of resistance


Frame: 2" x 3", and 2" x 2", 11-gauge and 12 gauge steel tubing. Finish: Silver-Gray wrinkle finish.

Cables: Internally lubricated, 7 x 9 strand construction rated at 2000 pounds tensile strength.

Accessories: Comes with Lat Bar, 2 Single Handles and Exercise Chart.

Space required 11’ x 10’  Height 83”

In-Home Warranty: Lifetime on everything. We will replace or repair any defects.

Lifetime Warranty!

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