Powertec Quickfit Training System

Powertec Quickfit Training System
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Quickfit Training System

A revolutionary new system that trains the entire body with only 4 exercises!"

This new training system was developed as a follow up to our highly successful Leverage Chin/Dip assist machine. The lever assist system simply balances your bodyweight in opposite form, similar to the seesaw concept. This allows for the trainer to perform these two great exercises that work all of the upper body muscles, in an easy, controlled fashion.

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Because of the additional success of the leverage Squat and ab machine, we decided to incorporate these 2 additional exercises into the main unit. By doing this we can now provide a total body workout. The chin up trains the back and biceps. The dip works chest, shoulders and triceps.

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Built on a stable foundation, this machine is loaded with features that houses more exercises than any other gym, and much more. The Powertec Quickfit Training System allows you to perform all the exercises you need to sculpt your body to its ultimate form.

The Squat works, thighs, hamstrings and glutes, and the ab crunch develops the abdominals. All of this in only 4 exercises. This is the ultimate training system for any type of user, especially those with limited time. Why spend hours training when you could perform only two Quikfit workouts per week, each lasting less then 15 minutes and working your entire body! The System is modular so you can purchase the base Chin/Dip system and add on the squat and ab crunch, or save money by ordering the entire system. Both optional stations will fit either side allowing you to choose the configuration that best suits your floor plan.

The Quikfit system was developed as a follow up to the existing chin/dip assist machine that Powertec has sold very successfully for many years. It has also been a very popular piece of equipment used in gyms and health clubs. The primary reason for the popularity has to do with the assist system that allows any user to perform these two great exercises in perfect form for multiple repetitions, when normally the free standing chin up or bar dip has been difficult for most to perform multiple repetitions in good form using their own bodyweight.

The chin up and dip are the two best exercises to train all of the muscles of the upper body. Now in an assisted form, everyone can benefit from these two highly effective exercises.

Having sold this unit so successfully it suddenly dawned on us that there was quite a majority of people, young and old, male and female, that did not want a bodybuilder physique. They did not want to spend hours doing many different exercises. They just wanted something simple and fast. Something that would provide a strong, in-shape look. This trainer that has purchased the chin/dip assist unit, has certainly yielded results from these two exercises. That is great, however why stop there. Why only train the upper body. Powertec has also sold thousands of Squat machines because the movement is also precise and highly effective. It in itself works the entire lower body including the glutes. In addition the Ab crunch machine has also been highly successful in developing the mid section.

Based on this and being a strong advocate in brief yet effective exercise and conditioning we set out to combine more then just a machine, but a training system that works the entire body with well established, compound exercises to hit every muscle group.

So now you can strengthen and develop your entire body in 4 easy movements in a matter of minutes a few times per week. WOW! That's right that is all you need. Can you spare 30 minutes a week for a great body? That's all you need. We guarantee you will love this machine and this new method of developing a better body quickly with the 4 best known exercises and a quality training approach.

Quikfit is a also the perfect combination with a cardio program to provide both strength development with aerobic conditioning. This Powertec Quickfit Training System combines strength & technology to deliver ultimate results for every user. So easy to use that a novice can experience immediate success.


  • User capacity: 3
  • Dimensions: (Complete system) 48" L x 96" W x 82"H
  • Weight: (Complete system) 430 lbs.
  • Warranty: In-Home Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight load capacity:
    Assist lever = 400 LBS,
    Chin up/dip bar sections = 400 LBS bodyweight
    Squat lever = 500 LBS
    Lever arm = 200 LBS

    *Plates sold separately.
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Lifetime Warranty!

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