Powertec Workbench Bench Rack System

Powertec Workbench Bench Rack System
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Workbench Bench & Rack System

“Much more then your typical bench, this is a total free weight system!"

The well-established hot yellow color is not the only thing that makes this bench different. The design involves the capability of being able to remove the bench section and open up a rack. The bench is on wheels so it can be easily moved in and out.


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When in place it locks with a spring pin. This ensures that the user is always in the fixed centered position and the bench and rack become one. Simple yet innovative and effective.

The rack includes weight storage and a spotter’s platform. It is also set at a 10-degree angle and utilizes slide tube for quick adjustment.
The bench incorporates the patented linkage mechanism for multiple angles with back support. All workbench models are available in optional frame colors. The patented arm curl machine is an optional attachment that is a great compliment to this system

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POWERTEC now sets new standards in bench design. Having addressed the pros and cons of the typical bench rack units on the market, we went to the drawing board and engineered the ultimate patented system! The Workbench WB-BRS encompasses the Olympic bench, Squat rack and versatile Utility bench all in one.

The bench can be fixed in precise alignment with the rack for barbell pressing exercises such as bench presses, shoulder presses, etc. By simply pulling the spring loaded popper pin the bench can be disengaged and easily removed providing a free squat rack for power exercises and also a free bench for dumbbell training. The bench includes the leg lift and is on wheels for easy mobility.

The rack is set at a 10 degree squat rack angle and utilizes a “J” hook slide tube and an extended safety tube that both adjust to multiple heights. The rack also incorporates angled weight horns for easy plate storage that are covered in PVC scratch guard.

The patented linkage bench design is revolutionary and only available from POWERTEC. The linkage system provides the quickest and most effective adjustment method moving the entire bench section from outer to inner racking positions. The new linkage system replaces the cumbersome bench slide sections found on all other benches in our class. The system is constructed of 2 ˝” square and 3” rectangular tubing for a heavy duty sleek look. Pads are 2 ˝” thick, high density foam and surrounded by top stitched industrial upholstery. All frames are finished in a baked on Powder coated hot yellow construction color certainly making your home training system stand out.

The optional patented arm curl attachment is also first in it’s class because it is a machine! No bar needed here. The weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever arm providing pure leverage machine resistance. The arm pad is also adjustable to three angles. What a bicep pump from this machine! Its time to get serious and start building your body today with the Workbench from POWERTEC!

Optional Arm Curl Machine - "This accessory turns your bench into an arm blasting machine!"
The Curl machine accessory was designed to provide the user a real arm curl machine. Not just a pad where you need dumbbells or a bar. You simply load the plates onto the plate horn and curl. The handles have swivel rotating action so the motion is precise from start to finish. With Leverage there are no cables or pulleys so the movement is pure throughout. The arm pad has two build in side pads to lock the arms in comfortably. The pad also has 3 adjustment positions from flat to angled. Don't settle for a basic set of curls. Really pump the biceps with a leverage machine. Worth Every Penny!

This Powertec Workbench Rack System combines strength & technology to deliver ultimate results for every user. So easy to use that a novice can experience immediate success. The main frame is available in three colors to choose from.

Available in three colors


Optional arm curl machine

Lifetime Warranty!

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