Roger Stewarts Extreme Calf Machine II

Roger Stewarts Extreme Calf Machine II
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Roger Stewarts Extreme Calf Machine II

Roger Stewart's
Extreme Calf Machine II

New DOUBLE Pivoting Platforms!!

If you are tired of small, weak or out of proportion calves, this is the machine for you! Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine II, with patented DOUBLE pivoting pedals, gives calves greater stretch and contraction than just a regular calf block or machine, which is the key to outstanding calf development in a short time.

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Roger Stewart’s New Extreme Calf Machine II with two pivoting platforms will prioritize and individualize each legs strength, stretch and contraction.

With two smooth pivoting pedals giving each leg it’s own ability to rotate in a free range of motion with no assistance from the opposite leg.

Only body weight required for results.

Use with pivoting pedal backwards for maximum stretch and use with pivoting pedal forward for maximum contraction!!

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Easy to use- patented pivoting pedal for maximum stretch, lightweight-strong and durable portable and Non-skid surface. Helps increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the calves. Helps develop, shape, stretch, tone and rehabilitate the calf and Achilles Tendon. It also helps to prevent shin splints and works the tibialis. Helps improve inversion, eversion and balance. Exercise Instructions Included: Standing Calf Raises, Seated Calf Raises, Donkey Calf Raises and Single Calf Raises all in one low cost machine with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!! Available in white or black.


Great for athletes. Helps to strengthen Tibialis Anterior to prevent aching shin splints, develop strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Along with increased agility, maneuverability, circulation and vertical jump.

Great for rehabilitation strengthens ankles eversion and inversion movements, Achilles tendon, increased stretch and circulation.

Develop a greater range of motion and isolate to target specific areas of the calves.

Each none slip platform measures 3” X 9”.

Perform standing, seated, or single calf raises.

Square tubular steel construction. Recommended weight limit 400 lbs.

Total dimensions 24 L X 8 W X 4 H weight 6 lbs.

Instructions included.

Available in black frame only.

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  • Place machine far enough under you that the back of your feet (heels) are slightly touching the floor.

  • Please keep all children and pets away from Roger Stewart’s EXTREME CALF MACHINE II during use, as well as when the machine is unattended.

  • Make sure that all bolts are tight prior to each days use.

  • Use Roger Stewart’s EXTREME CALF MACHINE II on a flat surface.

  • Wear proper clothing.

  • Know your limits and train within them.


Standing Calf Raise – This exercise will lengthen, tighten, shape and tone the calf muscle.

  • Stand on pivoting pedals with balls of feet straight ahead.

  • Hold on to wall or use with Smith Machine, keeping body in an upright position throughout the exercise, stomach in.

  • Rock back on pivoting pedal taking heels to floor for maximum stretch.

  • Rock forward, stand straight up on tip toes squeeze and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat movement.

Seated Calf Raise – Targets the outside (peroneus longus & soleus) muscles of the calf.

  • Sit in chair with balls of feet turned slightly in on pivoting pedals.

  • Keep upper body in an upright position with stomach in throughout the exercise.

  • Rock back on pivoting pedals taking heels to floor. Rock forward on tip toes squeeze and hold for 3 seconds.

  • You may use a light dumbbell on each leg for added resistance.

Donkey Calf Raise – This exercise isolates the inner calf muscle (gastrocnemius).

  • Stand on pivoting pedals with balls of feet turned out at a 45 degree angle.

  • Bend over holding on to bench or counter-top.

  • Rock back on pivoting pedals taking heels to floor for maximum stretch.

  • Rock forward on tip toes squeeze and hold for 3 seconds.

  • For added resistance, use with a light weighted dip belt.

Single Calf Raise – This exercise will isolate your calf in a single motion. Promotes calf symmetry.

  • Stand in the center of pivoting pedal with single foot straight ahead.

  • Keep opposite foot behind working foot, knees together, upper body in an upright position, stomach in.

  • Take heel to floor for maximum stretch.

  • Rock forward on tip toe squeeze and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat movement.

  • For added resistance, use a light dumbbell in the same hand as the working foot. i.e Right foot on pivoting pedal, right hand holding light weight.

Tibialis Anterior- This exercise targets the muscle in the shin helping to prevent shin splints.

  • Place machine on floor with pivoting pedals down away from you.

  • Stand on machine with back of feet (heels) on pedals – keep feet straight.

  • Slightly bend knees holding onto wall or stable object.

  • Lean upper body forward, bring upper foot and toes up and back towards your shin. Hold for three seconds at top. Repeat movement.

For extra benefit

  • Greater contraction at the top - turn pivoting pedals forward.

  • Greater stretch - turn pivoting pedals back towards you.

COLOR: Black (white available by special order only)

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