Total Back System Hyperextension By Yukon Fitness TBS-212

Total Back System Hyperextension By Yukon Fitness TBS-212
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Total Back System by Yukon Fitness TBS-212

Do you suffer from Back Pain… ….

Do you suffer from Back Pain… …yet want to maintain your active lifestyle, the Total Back System by Yukon Fitness can help. You may have tried a number of solutions without much success. But if you have never tried inversion therapy, you maybe missing out on your best chance to strengthen your back, relieve stress and help alleviate pain. 

The Total Back System uses inversion therapy to gently decompress and elongate the spine, alleviating pressure on the discs and nerve roots and allowing important nutrients to flow into the discs. At the same time, strengthening and stretching exercises help you make your back and abdominal muscles stronger. The Total Back System is safe and easy to use and requires just a few minutes a day.

The Total Back System by Yukon is convertible to a 45º hyper-extension bench, completely height adjustable (accommodates most people from 4'11" to 6'5"), and folds away for easy storage.


Total Back System by Yukon Fitness

Instant results… Using a preferred inverted body position and the natural forces of gravity the spine is gently decompressed in 90 seconds. Hang out for just two more prevent future back problems by strengthening key muscles, improving flexibility, endurance and circulation. Serious results… quality of construction, ease of use and design efficiency give you a complete system for back wellness. 

Comfortable pad supports your upper thighs with no stress on the body.

Slowly revolve forward.
  Use the handles for assistance.

1-2 minutes per day will take off the stress and strain on the back and neck.
Height Adjustable
Folds for storage
Extra safety features
Multi-use, all-in-one system

Directly works the muscles without strain on the joints

Superior, controlled movements isolate  the muscles

Provides an increased safety feature for the pivot assembly and gives a slow and controlled pivot while revolving forward.

Increase Mobility
Loosen the muscles


Simply adjust the unit, now strengthen the Back

The Total Back System Hyperextension by Yukon Fitness is convertible to a 45º hyper-extension bench, completely height adjustable (accommodates most people from 4'11" to 6'5"), and folds away for easy storage.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: What is Inversion?
A:  Inversion is simply turning the body upside down. Inversion therapy has been used for centuries as a means to decompress the spine, fight gravity and increase circulation, blood supply and oxygen  throughout the body.
Q:  Why this product?
A:  The TBS uses 'bent-knee' inversion.  This form of inversion has been proven to be more effective at decompressing the spine in a shorter amount of time.
Q:  Who can use it?
A:  Because of the safe and easy system that we developed, people of all ages and abilities can use the TBS.  Simply step up to it, revolve forward on the comfortable support pad and your in position.  You are in complete control with no pressure on the joints, knees and hips.  Always consult with your physician.
Q: Why is it better than the others?
A: The TBS is the only product available that combines multiple exercises that have been proven to create a healthier back.  This includes: inversion, back strengthening, abdominal strengthening and flexibility.


  • Perform ALL movements SLOWLY
  • Relax, Relax, Relax.  Benefit will only be realized if you are relaxed. If your muscles are stressed they will tighten up.  This will take time.
  • Take deep breaths from the diaphragm (not the lungs). Place your hand over the belly-button and breath into this area.
  • Inversion only takes 70-90 seconds to achieve maximum results

Total routine is less than three minutes.

Back Pain!
Back pain is one of the most common physical complaint in the world today. An estimated 85% of all people face some type of back problem in their lifetime. We all subject our backs to daily abuse such as heavy loads that stress the muscles and bad posture from sitting at a desk all day. But authorities agree that you can help avoid back problems by developing good posture and doing regular exercises.

Exercise to promote a healthy back will increase circulation, provide better joint movement, strengthen the main supportive muscles of the back and neck and provide spinal stability, ultimately giving you increased mobility. Performing symmetrical exercises with proper posture will train your body to keep good postural balance throughout the day, and that means reduced total loads and stress on your body.

Most doctors agree that the majority of back problems are caused by stress, strain and weak muscles. Each of our products are unique, innovative and have been developed by using leading medical advisors from around the world. Creating a healthy back is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It's the key to functional mobility to being able to do things you really want to in life.

Activity and exercise is the best long term cure for back pain, joint stiffness and immobility.

Your complete system for back wellness. Not only does it help relieve back pain but will help you increase your circulation, flexibility and strength to reduce the possibility of future back problems and injuries. Fitness Strengthen your back and abdominal muscles to help you perform at your desired level. Athletes know that a strong core area is paramount to develop peak performance. No other inversion product available today can offer such a complete product in one. It is Simple to use, Safe for people of all ages and abilities and the most Effective at targeting your problem areas. Plus it is now Convenient because it folds away for easy storage and has rollers which allow you to easily move. One size accommodates most users up to 6'5" Everything included in one complete system Includes fold-away handles for extra assistance Multi-position feature gives user options Soft, high-quality Polyurethane thigh pad. 5-Year Warranty

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