Tunturi C4 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Tunturi C4 Elliptical Cross Trainer
Item# C4
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Tunturi C4 Elliptical Cross Trainer

C4 - Versatile crosstrainer ergometer for active home use

The eagerly awaited Elliptical Cross-Trainer from Tunturi, the #1 brand of home fitness products. Designed with the most demanding users in mind, the Tunturi C4 elliptical offers a wide range of workout options.


The Tunturi C4 elliptical crosstrainer offers the features an active crosstrainer enthusiast needs. The console features 8 scaleable workout profiles for efficient and safe training, heart rate control, a matrix profile display and accurate workout feedback. A silent electronically controlled brake produces a wide effort range. The Tunturi C4 elliptical crosstrainer has a stable frame construction and the handgrip pulse measurement for safe exercising. The stylish design and color line of the C4 is well suited to living rooms.

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  • Console displays - LCD display. Profiles, time, number of steps, energy consumption, step rate, heart rate, effort
  • Exercise modes - constant heart rate and resistance programs
  • Training profiles - 8 scaleable pre-set profiles
  • Pedaling effort - 260 W - 60 rpm
  • Resistance system - servomotor controlled permanent magnet brake
  • Heart rate measurement - handgrip pulse measurement, Polar wireless heart rate measurement as option extra
  • Length - 57.5 inches
  • Width - 25 inches
  • Height - 62 inches
  • Weight - 135 lbs
  • Maximum user weight - 245 lbs.


  • Effective dual action design works major upper and lower body muscle groups simultaneously. Unique Scandinavian styling and space efficient design compliment any decor.
  • Easy to read graphical display of training profiles.
  • Three numerical LCD displays for training feedback.
  • Versatile User Interface features manual mode, target heart rate, 4 HRC profiles and 4 constant resistance profiles, scaling of profile intensity and time.
  • Handgrip pulse measurement as a standard, Polar wireless heart rate measurement as option extra.
  • Magnetic resistance controlled by a servomotor guarantees smooth and virtually silent pedalling.
  • Ergonomically designed, adjustable foot plates ensure correct exercising position.
  • Sturdy yet compact frame provides stability during use.
  • Natural, smooth elliptical motion is easy on the joints.

Heart rate measurement

The heart rate measurement is based on electrical impulses registered from the heart, whereas pulse meters measure peripheral circulation e.g. via an ear clip or a handgrip to calculate the pulse rate. If you use a heart rate controlled exercise program or if the heart rate value is of importance to you, Tunturi recommends using a transmitter belt for continuous heart rate measurement. Pulse measurement is in principle equally accurate, but functionally more limited and for some users unreliable way of measurement

Permanent Magnet Brake

In the permanent magnet system there is a magnet caliper or fork, i.e. a moving element to which pieces of magnet are attached. The resistance is generated by adjusting the distance of the magnets to the flywheel: the closer to the flywheel the magnets are, the greater the resistance to the flywheel and cranks. The features of this system are:

1. no wearing parts, maintenance free, very low probability of any malfunctions
2. practically no need for re-calibration: the products are calibrated in the production, and basicly only product abuse can alter the calibration. The re-calibration is possible with a dynamometer
3. quiet in use as there are no wearing parts
4. the permanent magnet brake can be adjusted either electronically with the assistance of a servomotor from the console or manually with an adjustment knob
5. the magnets Tunturi uses have an effect radius of about 10 cm, and they do not cause radiation or electronic disturbances to their environment
6. very smooth resistance feeling, impact-free

Profile scaling

The basic idea of profile scaling is to ensure that you can always use the pre-set profiles to maximum effect. Everyone knows that the required training intensity varies – sometimes you want to exercise hard, sometimes an easy and short exercise is just right. In order to take the exerciser’s current training capacity into account, the exerciser must have the possibility to adjust, i.e. to scale the intensity and duration of the pre-set profiles.

The scaling of intensity (speed, elevation, watt, Nm, HR) can take place either before or during training: if you notice that the profile is too low for you, you can scale it upward simply by pressing one key until the desired level is reached. Similarly, scaling the profiles down is possible. In scaling, the pre-set profile form will remain, but the profile intensity level will go up or down. Prior to the start of the exercise, you can set the desired duration (time, in some cases distance) of the profile.

In brief, scaling is the ultimate application for personalized, effective training.

Pre-set training profiles

In the pre-set training profiles, the changes of training intensity will take place automatically - this makes training interesting and motivating. Furthermore, Tunturi have carefully designed the pre-set training profiles for various exercise targets, and they give maximum effect towards the desired exercise target. In brief, the greatest benefit of the pre-set profiles is that they make effective training very easy.

In cycles and ellipticals, Tunturi uses another three profile modes:

1. Watt (or power) profiles in which the training intensity is pre-set in watts (W); in display, the higher the profile, the higher the intensity in watts. In these profiles the wattage is independent of the pedaling speed (rpm).
2. Resistance profiles in which the training intensity is pre-set in Newton meters (Nm). In these profiles the torque, i.e. the power needed to turn the cranks is pre-set. Again, the higher the displayed profile, the higher the intensity. However, the pedaling effect is the same as with a single-speed bicycle – the faster you pedal, the higher the output power (= intensity / watts). In other words, in these profiles the wattage is dependent of the pedaling speed (rpm).
3. Heart rate controlled profiles in which the profile shows the run of heart rate during the exercise.

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This Elliptical Cross Trainer Is No Longer Available.
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