Tunturi T85F Folding Performance Treadmill

Tunturi T85F Folding Performance Treadmill
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Tunturi T85F Folding Performance Treadmill

Tunturi T85F Folding Treadmill
For people who want the best. Treadmills for performance training

The Tunturi T85 folding treadmill set new standards for treadmills in home and Light Commercial use. They are developed for the serious runners who want to push their limits further and further, session after session!

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The impressive performance is combined with an attractive design, top ergonomics and user safety features. The large, fully shock absorbent running area ensures a natural and comfortable running experience, which is enhanced by the unique PSC function and the large key pad buttons. The console with a large LED profile dot matrix, information center display, as well as six numerical display windows gives a continuous and comprehensive display of training progress. The versatile console features include heart rate control, scaleable preset profiles, two fitness condition tests and competition function.

It never to late to get your motor running.

Walking and running are natural forms of exercise. Walking is an easy way to improve general fitness, while running is an effective way to increase the body's energy consumption. Tunturi treadmills offer an intelligent workout whether you're training for a marathon or looking to improve your basic fitness level. The preset training profiles on Tunturi treadmills offer an easy, safe and effective workout.

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  • Motor - 3.5 hp
  • Folding - Yes
  • PSC hands free speed control
  • Console - graphic three-color LED profile display, information center display, time, distance, speed, elevation, energy consumption, heart rate
  • Exercise modes- manual training, 3 heart rate control programs
  • Training profiles - 8 intensity/time scaleable pre-set profiles, 20 memory places for self-made profiles
  • Speed - 0.3-14 mph
  • Elevation - 0-10%, 0,5 % steps
  • Running area - 20 x 56 inches
  • Length - 83 inches
  • Width - 36 inches
  • Height - 56 inches
  • Weight - 251 lbs.
  • Maximum user weight - 330 lbs.
  • Heart rate measurement - Polar wireless heart rate measurement 
  • Warranty: Home - Light Commercial
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Training modes
mean the different ways a training equipment can be set to control and maintain the training intensity. Using the different modes will make the training more versatile, motivating, and even more effective. Usually, the same modes can be used either in manual training in which you select the mode and then adjust the intensity manually during training, or in pre-set profiles in which the training equipment will control the changes of intensity partially or totally automatically.

In treadmills, Tunturi uses two training modes:

1. Manual training in which both speed and elevation are adjusted manually by the exerciser during training.
2. Heart rate controlled (HRC) training in which the heart rate level of the exerciser determines the training intensity. To cater for different preferences, Tunturi has advocated for three different HRC modes:

1. Speed = HRC takes place by changes of the belt speed.
2. Elevation = HRC takes place by changes of the elevation.
3. Combination = HRC takes place by changes of both the speed and elevation.

Heart rate measurement
The heart rate measurement is based on electrical impulses registered from the heart, whereas pulse meters measure peripheral circulation e.g. via an ear clip or a handgrip to calculate the pulse rate. If you use a heart rate controlled exercise program or if the heart rate value is of importance to you, Tunturi recommends using a transmitter belt for continuous heart rate measurement. Pulse measurement is in principle equally accurate, but functionally more limited and for some users unreliable way of measurement.

Wireless (Telemetric) Heart Rate Measurement

Tunturi recommends using the heart rate belt due to its superior reliability and accuracy. Most Tunturi fitness equipment have an inbuilt heart rate receiver for measuring heart rate wirelessly, i.e. telemetrically. When using telemetric measurement, moisten the electrodes carefully and attach the belt so that the electrodes are tightly against the skin. The belt transmits the heart rate signal to appr. 1 meter distance.

Developed and patented by Tunturi, the Position Speed Control (PSC) allows the most natural treadmill training ever on treadmill; the training speed can be controlled ”hands free”, without touching the meter keys! Treadmills featuring the PSC-function measure the exerciser’s position on the running track based on the HR transmitter belt’s signal. When the exerciser is in the front part of the belt, the speed will increase, in the rear part the speed will decrease, and in the middle an adjustable zone is reserved for constant speed. The zone limits are adjustable, and their setting takes only a few seconds. The PSC can be utilized in manual training, condition tests, pre-set training profiles and a heart rate controlled training mode. The PSC is the ultimate speed control mode for runners and for condition testing with a treadmill.

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