UFO The Ultimate Fitness Object

UFO The Ultimate Fitness Object
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The Ultimate Fitness Object
The Complete Abdominal Management System

Tired of cheap TV products that fail to live up to their promises and fall apart after the 30 day warranty? 

The UFO has a safe, all natural rear motion that is synergistically better for abdominal effectiveness and safer for the back than any competitive product on the market today.

Are you ready for the UFO Experience?

The UFO incorporates  more than 30 innovative workouts for the upper body, lower body and abs that combine Core, Yoga and Pilates style movements.  You will explore new methods of training your body and getting superior results every time you use the Ultimate Fitness Object. Don't you think its time you experience the UFO?

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Trim waist, hips, buns and thighs
Increase flexibility and strength
Tones and firms upper body
Natural Yoga and Pilates movements

multiple angles multiple results

full extension for great abs

upper & lower body in one motion

dynamic movements dynamic body

The key is that the UFO allows the user to move the lower body rearward. Synergistically better for Abdominal effectiveness and safer for the low back than any competitive product on the market today.  Incorporates the basic principals of Yoga, Pilates and Back Care to increase flexibility and strength.  Outstanding exercise variety for users of all fitness levels, the UFO can be mastered by anyone in just minutes flat. 
Try it, risk free, and you will like it !


The U.F.O. Experience has arrived!


Starting Position: The most natural thing for you to do is support your bodyweight on your hands while the lower body is in motion. This flexes all the muscles of the upper body and lightens up the knees, making them easy to move. The muscles of the upper body continue working to support the movement of the UFO which is controlled by the core muscles.


The UFO glides smoothly as you push you knees backwards and return to the starting position. This works the core muscles from the lower insertion points which is the most complete and effective way to train all the ab muscles at once. This rearward motion can be done to each side to impact the obliques and hip muscles. Again, the upper body functions isometrically to control the lower body movement.


Push-ups can be done quite easily in-between knee extensions. This is a very dynamic movement and tones and firms all the muscles of the upper body while the abs are working at maximum capacity. From this position pulling the knees in will return you to the starting position. Functional Training at it's best.


The fully extended position flexes the abdominals while they are in full extension. This maintains spinal flexibility and strengthens the 'core' muscles. This is also a yoga move called the 'Cobra'. Additional yoga moves can be done on the UFO.


Twist:  There's nothing like performing the simple twisting movements on the UFO to target the hard to reach love-handles and obliques.

More exercises:
Beyond the basic movements, there are countless ways to add variety to your UFO workout.  You will explore new methods of training your body and getting superior results every time you use the Ultimate Fitness Object.

People are talking about their UFO Experience and the excitement is growing. It has grown from a few group class's and individual users to a program that is being recognized by the leading health experts.

When we first introduced the Ultimate Fitness Object we wanted to give people something more than what they were getting with other products.  We wanted to create a lifestyle, a discovery.  We wanted to give them an 'Experience'.  The UFO can transform your body.  It can stretch your limits and allow you to rise to your full potential.

You see, the UFO was created by keeping every
body in mind.  We wanted to give everyone a tool that would deliver results.  Truly, nearly anyone can use the product within a few short minutes and FEEL the results right away.

We have seen results from top Professional Sports teams, to rehabilitation patients, to people with severe back pain, to people that have sworn off dreaded 'exercise'.  We have seen people use the UFO for relaxation, stretching and simple basic movements.  We have seen people use the product to discover everything that there body could deliver in a short amount of time, and get results that no other single product could provide.

At Net2Fitness, we know that consumers are overburdened with products and for the most part, nobody needs another 'product' or for that matter their third or fourth 'ab product'.  The UFO will give you a new experience that will make you feel good and be a part of something.  It is a multi-dimensional product and it delivers what it promises.

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